Illustration Club Challenge 3

Illustration Club is a group of friends and co-workers who decided to get together, learn and explore editorial illustration. This personal project allows us to explore and practice our illustration skills, boosts our creativity and gives us a place to learn new tools and techniques. We keep up to date with what happening around us and we translate that to our own visual language. The Club give us a place to test and try out new ideas. Very much a learning environment, supporting each other and giving constructive feedback has been a foundational element to our journey to editorial illustration.

Every month we choose an article, and attempt to create an illustration that could accompany that article. You can find some of my favorites below.

The article that this illustration is to accompany talks about impact entrepreneurs, the people whose small and growing businesses are purposefully driving progress toward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These businesses help to drive inclusive growth that sustains further growth, tackling inequality and lifting many out of poverty.