EY Student Recruitment Campaign 2020

EY’s Student Recruitment Campaign 2020 was a multidisciplinary, cross-platform project of which I led out on motion graphics. From the ourset the campiagn took a digital first approach, thus input from a motion graphics perspect was a key part of the conceptual phases.

The campaign was centred around six traits, qualities that EY were trying to attract in new recuits. Creative Mind, Detail Lover, Idea Former, Inquisitive Mind, Problem Solver and Team Player. These are the trait that EY wanted to see in the graduate talent pool. The brief for creative direction was handed down from the Creative Manager to myself and a print designer to build out.

We collect all our concept work and research together in Microsoft Whiteboard, a sample of which you can see in the video below.

The student recruitment team receive a lot of engagement through Instagram stories. We published a suite of animated Instagram stickers based on their needs to make it quick and easy for them to brand their content there.

Girl in a jacket

The campaign video used a mix of photography and the vectors to appeal to the six traits.